What is Baby Tote Box?

Baby Tote Box is a monthly service that allows parents to keep their babies stylish, smart, and innovative solutions.  Baby Tote Box is curated by age development stage, and gender specifically for your little one.  Each bundle includes a monthly surprise with four to six products with value exceeding the price of the service

Baby Tote Box offers two types of boxes -

Personalized Bundles  includes a personalized clothing item specific to your child along with 3 - 4 personalized decals to label your baby's items.  

Premium Bundles  includes a premium branded outfit and four to six products. 

Behind the scenes of Baby Tote Box

Baby Tote Box Founder, Victoria Thompson, is an educator that loves helping parents save money.  She feels strongly about helping families add value to their child's future by offering affordable pricing that helps parents save more and extend their dollar!  Victoria started at an early age working at her mother’s daycare having the opportunity to work with and around children her entire life.  Her experiences and passion led her to a career in education as a teacher, and paired with her husband, they desire to help parents find quality value priced products for children!  At Baby Tote Box it’s understood that the cost of products and time are two of the most essential components as parents raise their children.  Baby Tote Box combines convenience, the latest styles, and affordable pricing in one.

Mission/ What we believe...

Here at Baby Tote Box, it's our mission to conveniently allow parents to try different products for their children, encourage learning with academic resources, give tips and resources on products, and most important, parental guidance as babies develop through early stages.  Our ultimate goal is to "Make Happy Babies" and parents.

Do you want to collaborate?

Baby Tote Box works with many vendors to negotiate great deals and exclusive products.  If you would like to partner with Baby Tote Box, please contact us at info@babytotebox.com.

What are #babytoters saying?

Great service and great price! Baby Tote Box really puts thought into products and personalization. 

Chasity A.

Baby Kaleb loved his July box!  Great gift idea.  Every item can be used & the outfits are super cute! 

Alisha R.

Baby Tote Box is an excellent service for an excellent price! All of the items in my first box were useful and cute. I received deluxe samples of products that I may not have bought on my own but loved!  This box is definitely worth the price! I can't wait to get my next one. 

Amanda E.